Testimonials 2

  • Austin is just a cut above all the other themes in my opinion. It is the best!

    Mary Nimish, COO, Business Ventures

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  • Inspirational – He’s a genuine hero for me. Saved my day so many times

    John Abraham, CEO, Mac Inc

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  • You’ve been a great help. Your service is fantastic. I’m so glad I chose Austin

    Jane Doe / Co-Founder,

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  • It’s My Home Away From Home


    Allusions is a wonderful, warm, cozy place where all your needs are met to be the best you can be. The owner, Francine Piscitelli is a dear friend, and I send everyone here who asks where I get my hair done. The stylists can do it all, and that includes cutting and coloring and on and on and on. Ann Nyberg